First association to Toronto for many people is industry. Historically, this entire area was regarded as progressive and industrious, making it most advanced in Canada up until today. Although ranked among the best places to live, and also the cultural capital – home to Canadian art, music and literature – this is first and foremost a cocktail city. The entertainment options are numerous: opera house, theater, movie festival, hockey hall of fame, night clubs, pubs, bars. In short, Toronto has it all (watch the video below!).

To someone who doesn’t live in this part of the world, this fascination by cocktails might seem strange; to Canadians – it is a commonplace. As any nation or city, they are protecting their own values and habits while making a brilliant experience for all those that are new to Toronto and its lounges. Getting the best out of this pool of information and tastes is hard. Therefore, we would like to present to you one of the top places where you can increase your knowledge of cocktails.

photos from DW Alexander club

D.W. Alexander club is one of the old timers of this metropolis. Company was established in 1877 and it has traveled a long way from leather and hide trade to a modern day bar and lounge in Toronto. Although now it is some other time, the owner of this club did his best to evoke the feeling of nostalgia. Beautiful and pricy bar, a secluded corner adorned with many books, as well as an array of bar stools and furniture will make you feel like you are right at home. One big competitive advantage this place is its size; it is quite a small space. Some people do prefer bigger night clubs or discotheques, but for those who like a bit more intimate atmosphere or just a place to relax after a tedious day, they surely found their home.

Somehow logical is the fact that the staff of this establishment go out of their way to make your stay as comfortable as it can be. And when we say staff, we mean staff including the manager. All of that makes this bar even more relaxing and laid back. It gives a feeling of hospitality that existed long time ago, where each customer was special and where the innkeeper did his best to cater to everyone. Don’t be surprised if the waiter brings some popcorn or peanuts to your table, because this is the part of D.W. Alexander’s charm.

To be able to determine true value of an establishment, whether a small cozy café or a fancy restaurant, it is necessary to see it in its worst and best edition. Most of the visitors to D.W. Alexander had very positive experience, making it one of the clubs with solid reputation in this area. Its excellent selection of cocktails (good number of them are recipes made by their own barista) and friendly staff make it a good choice for all those who like a glass of stiff drink.

Toronto is full of bars, lounges, restaurants, cafes and other similar amenities you can visit and have a great time. However, the large abundance makes the choice difficult at some point. Having all of these clubs at hand and near either to your home place, or to your work location, might complex your final decision, right? So, in order to make the proper selection and to visit a really great club, you need to have some demands. By pointing the criteria, you can eventually get what you want – happy hour, cool atmosphere and fantastic cocktails, for instance! By the way, aren’t these things all that you are looking for in a bar, too? Well, there are a few places that refer to these descriptions in Toronto and to find them, you do not even have to work so hard. Why don`t you just browse the web? See what bar in Toronto offers all of these? Well, maybe, they are not so many spots like this, but we can direct you to one of them by all means!

DWA in Toronto, ON

Meet DW Alexander bar – the bar that provides you Happy Hour, cool atmosphere and fantastic cocktails. It is situated at 19 Church Street in Toronto and it is very easy to be found and mostly – observed. The club has an authentic industrial exterior and it reminds you of those old days, when having a drink after work for relaxation was not a trend, but a lifestyle rule. On the other side, the contemporary motives in the interior design are easy to be seen and scanned. Here, luxury is put on a different level – with comfy places to sit down and rest and with brilliant decoration accents that will make you feel as you`re a show star! But do not worry, because there`s nothing pretentious in the atmosphere at the DW Alexander bar at all. On the contrary – it is homey, but fancy, adjusting, but classy! Nothing else can be better than having a cocktail here. And since we have mentioned the cocktails, there`s no way for you not to become thrilled by the rich menu of the bar. DW Alexander provides you with a good choice for both – classical cocktails Moscow Mule and Sloe Gin Fizz, as well as specially tailored set of House Cocktails like D.W. Negroni or Seanmhair or Judy Blue Eyes. And these are not even all. DW Alexander bar has rich selection of wines, exquisite liquors and beers!

And now, about the Happy Hour at the DW Alexander bar! It begins at 5 pm and ends at 8 pm – the ideal after work time for a drink, isn’t it? The offer is superb, too – $6 for pint, $7 for wine and $8 of any cocktail you would like! The 19 Church Street in Toronto is your location and the DW Alexander is your new favorite bar in the city!

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